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How many trailing zeros does a factorial have

Simple question: How many trailing zero does 10000! have? Simple to solve it using python import math factorial_answer = str(math.factorial(10000)) print(len(factorial_answer) – len(factorial_answer.rstrip('0'))) Python think about 100ms and tell me the answer is 2499. This question is name as “Trailing zeros” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trailing_zeros The question become: So we can just integer divide 10000 by 5 and get 2000, […]

Install Keras with CUDA on Windows 10 PC

Objective The objective of this post is guide you use Keras with CUDA on your Windows 10 PC. Install Dependencies Hardware: A graphic card from NVIDIA that support CUDA, of course. Driver: Download and install the latest driver from NVIDIA or your OEM website CUDA: Download and install version 7.5 from  https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit DO NOT install […]

PotPlayer Mini Skin Fixed for version 1.6.59347

After an update of PotPlayer, the older mini skin seems stopped working. Only a windows style border w/ title bar are shown with no control components nor progress bar. But modified mini skin on DA still working. So I wonder what’s the difference. Analysis: PotPlayer skin file has ‘.dsf’ extension. Opening in hex editor, it […]